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Don't you ever stop long enough to start?


9/16/07 06:57 pm - who's the mother flippin? i'm the mother flippin.


I'm not reading any of you people's entrys because there are toooo many and if you are anyone i care about you probably told me in person.

So anyway, yeah, well...I still like The Clash and stuff.

Flight of the Conchords is good.

I'd like to go out to eat, I'm hungry.

I'm excited for the Of Montreal Concert.

Hey, did you guys see Corey's hair?

Cassangwich and Neil moved in.

Yo, can someone get that  puppy to shake it a little?


4/17/07 03:32 pm - how are YOU

I'm cutting a whole lot of friends from this thing.

why? is probably what you are asking yourself.

because i have a livejournal i don't really ever write anything in even though plenty of funny things happen to me. i don't write because i think a lot of people on my friends list are kind of dumb (but nice) and don't know who they shouldn't tell about these things. and there's a whole lot of people who you shouldn't tell. not because it's like deep inner thoughts or anything - it's because i'm rediculous and should get in trouble every weekend so. ya know.  i want to post simply so i can remember these things in a few months, which i won't if i don't get it down somewhere.

anyway, if you have any issues with me, let's duke it out. right here. right now.  i kid.

3/27/07 03:00 pm - helter skelter

Charlie Manson is up for parole again this year. 

1/16/07 01:28 pm - WHAT she says.

Last night was Tim Scott's 21st birthday.
We drank and then I slept late and missed my commuter rail train and Anthony had to drive me to Alewife so I could make it to work.
and now tonight I'm taking him out to dinner because I am basically the worst person in the world.

So anyway. I'm guessing everyone still sucks. 

oh and we got shut off at the bar.
whaaaaaaaaaaat. some fat bartender at hooligans.
anyway. great fucking time.

i think i might need to stop drinking during the week so I can maintain my full time job. or at least just not so much or something. 

thanks to the people i like for being cool. 
yo shut up suckers. 

(insert small photo of garfield) hahaha. i'm at STATE STREET. 
speaking of which.

12/16/06 09:19 am - "It's probably a drug front."

Here's what's going on:

- I turn 21 on Monday. Just to name a few I share this birthday with Josef Stalin, Keith Richards, Steven Spielberg, Ray Liotta, and Christina Aguilera. Shhheeeeessssh. My plans are still up in the air for what I'm going to be doing. But I'm sure you can guess what the evening will involve.

-Yesterday I got a call from my lovely summer employer, State Street, to return to work  for winter break. This means I will be leaving Fitchburg for the entire Christmas vacation. This might sound bad to Fitchburg people- but for me it means winter break in Boston and the most money I could make in 3 weeks for doing basically no work at all. And I'll probably be back for New Years Eve, anyway.

-Yeah, there's a boyfriend. A million times better than the one I was dating this time last year, haha.

So here is to my unexpected last weekend in Fitchburg. You know where I am.

11/15/06 01:36 pm - Kevin is dead. JK.

well. well. well.

I guess you can only wonder about what I've been up to this semester, eh? Well this just about sums it all up:

(edit- Oh and this too:)

In other news - Lou Reed aint so happy about the Factory Girl script- and I believe it's coming out next month? I'm still going to see it.

Also I have a different cell phone due to mine being damaged. I probably don't have your number anymore.

9/29/06 05:01 pm - You remind me of Michael Jackson. I mean that in a good way.

Dear Friends,

Last night I said the following statement to a group of people and swore to them I was serious:

"Yo. Me and Matt smoke so much crazy shit. We'll smoke anything. We smoke dirt, we smoke dust, we smoke toilet paper, we've smoked cheeze its...it's a lot like eating them. we've smoked everything in this house. " - The list went on. Matt Kingsford sat there and agreed with me and backed it up fully....

...Who did I say this to? Why the fuck did I say it? It's something that is currently pretty baffling to me. I really wish I could remember who I said it to, most of all.

I don't know. I can't start going on about what I've done since I've been back in Fitchburg because I would probably be arrested the moment I started typing it. 
Uh so, my new user pic came from this original photo by Pete Landry:

I think I spend most of my time sitting on my porch and yelling off of it - so, if you are passing through the streets of Fitchburg late at night and you hear someone yell something obscene - fear not, it's just me...or one of the many rapists who live in this town, but hey, whatever gets you through the night. 
Also. There are now 16 baby turtles which live in our house...and a rabbit...and some kind of rodent - hamster or something, i don't know it's pretty cute.

8/12/06 05:54 pm - The voices in your head are calling. Stop wasting your time, there's nothing coming.

Here's a poem about my summer:

Summer is great.
Unlike Bill Gate...s
I've gone to Winthrop and Rockport and saw their beautiful beaches,
I went to Fitchburg and Worcester and hung out with all those lovely creachiz (creatures, get it?) 
I worked every single day.
Yeah - working's pretty gay.
I saw nearly everyone I knew when we all went to see The Yeah Yeah Yeah's at City Hall Plaza.
But ya know what I realized? The Yeah Yeah Yeah's suck - I don't even know why I bothid (bothered, get it?)
All summer I didn't cry.
No one I know died. 
I tripped with Nick Melle 
He puked up blood from his belly.
I watched Project Runway
Malan got kicked off! That's crummy.
I drank lots of beer.
I smoked tons of times with a queer.
I fucked your mom
and it was the bomb. 

That's my summer in a nutshell...oh except for the mom part - and i don't even think the whole "your mom" joke is funny, but it was fitting, no?
The first week before school starts should be wonderful chaos.  I'll be happy to return to Fitchburg . Although Easton for the summer was good- I have no friends here who actually care about me, and it helps to ground me and kill any  ego I have. I'm not being sarcastic or trying to get some kind of pity- I feel that in the long run, that's a good thing.
I miss lots of my friends. I am fully convinced I am going crazy (and I'm not joking. I'm so afraid you have no idea.) I'm staying in tonight to drink . Clearly- that has already started...hours ago.
This has been the worst year of my life but a very good summer.

 Have fun everyone. Don't die.

7/27/06 09:52 am - Dear Men: LANCE BASS IS ON THE MARKET!!!

At the end of the summer, after working everyday, I had planned to treat myself to a fairly expensive present. In my head the most logical conclusion is - an iPod. Something that I can use every single day and it should last a while.

But then today...When I awoke to WZLX's Morning Show - I hear that the Rolling Stones are playing Gillette Stadium and tickets go on sale on Saturday.
Now - for a good seat -which is what I want - I would pay about the same cost as I would for an iPod...
And in reality I could honestly by both - but I'd prefer to save money to use throughout this year for decadence purposes. 

...I am pretty much fully aware that no one else would go with me due to the price of the ticket- but I pretty much don't care since I'd be seeing the fucking Rolling Stones.

In other news- 
I went to Wendys the other day and my order came to 2.08. I gave the girl 2.10.....She gave me change for a 20. I didn't even REALIZE it till I was back at work and all nestled in at my computer...I left work with 3 fives and a couple ones. I returned with 4 fives, a ten, and several ones...Would you have gone back? I probably should have and the kid I work with said I had done a bad thing and got the girl who took my order fired. But she DID fuck up my order very badly- but that's no excuse. 

This summer I have gone to: Winthrop, Rockport, Fitchburg, and Worcester to visit my peeps. I think I've seen nearly everyone I need to - and going to Fitchbug again this weekend. Seeing all roommates plus special guest appearances by Pete Landry and Nick Melle!!! WOOO.


7/11/06 10:39 am

So...Each day at work...I come in and go to wikipedia and look at births, deaths, and events that have occured on the current day in past years.
Why do I do this?
Because there's not much else to do here.
Today,  as I'm breezing through, I see it's Suzanne Vega's birthday- big whoop, nothing great. Looking at deaths- I don't really see anyone I care about who's died in the past years on this day...then...I see a 2006 death- Syd Barrett!!!
Turns out he died a few days ago but word was just put out. For some reason this SHOCKED me...I used to hate Pink Floyd a lot -  but I'm minorly obsessed with Barrett's reclusiveness..and I kind of think they are okay nowadays - you can hate, it's alright.
Anyway - I walk to the printer to pick up some reports I had printed out, and I feel the urge to tell the first person I see, which happens to be my boss, of this news...(please be reminded that he has a very very thick Boston accent while you are reading this)
Me: Hey. The original lead singer of Pink Floyd died. 


Me: No, Syd Barrett. He was a recluse.

Boss: Oh, I thought he died a long time ago. Are you one of those people who goes crazy when people die?

Me: Uhm, no, it's just that...I just found out.

Boss: YA YA YA MONICA. Let me tell YOU something. George Washington died 200 years ago, don't make me start givin ya a list of people who died, ALRIGHT? (walks away) 

In honor of his death, I guess we can all acknowledge the voices in our head and enjoy the traumatic acid flashbacks, uuhhhuhh.

Anyway in the life of Monica- it's the usual summer deal. I don't think I need to explain. When I'm not out with peeps, I'm probably at home drinking and watching Scent of a Woman - Monica Whalen's movie of the summer.  (And YOU thought the movie of the summer was going to be Failure to Launch or something starring Jennifer Anniston, didn't you?)
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